Morgan Wallen Takes a ‘Self-Imposed Break’ After Being Fired From ‘Saturday Night Live’

Morgan Wallen Takes a 'Self-Imposed Break' After Being Fired From 'Saturday Night Live'

The country was initially set to perform as a musical guest in the October 10 of the hit NBC comedy show before he lost the gig just days before his SNL debut for breaking COVID-19 protocols.

Country music singer Morgan Wallen unplugged from the world for two weeks and cleared his head after he was axed from hit comedy show “Saturday Night Live” for breaking coronavirus protocol.

The rising star was booked as the U.S. series’ musical guest on October 10, but he lost the gig just days before his SNL debut after he was filmed partying without a mask and kissing random girls following a University of Alabama football game on October 3.

He issued a public apology for his actions, admitting they were “pretty short-sighted”, and promised to do better in future, and in a new interview on the “Bobbycast” podcast, Wallen reveals he fully understands the reason for the backlash.

“I know that I got young kids that look up to me,” he said. “I need to be mindful of things (I do) – I’m not gonna let people control the way I live my life, (but) I do also want to be mindful.”

“And honestly, having a son, obviously now I don’t know that I’d be proud to show him those videos,” he continued, referring to his three-month-old boy Indigo, with his ex-fiancee KT Smith. “I gotta think about some things a little bit differently.”

Wallen recalls taking a self-imposed break following the controversy to regroup.

“I took awhile, like almost two weeks, and just turned my phone off and didn’t even look at it,” he shared. “Drove on the tractor, things like that, and just cleared my head. It was really, really good to me.”

“It kind of forced me away just to reflect and look at myself and kind of get to know myself again. It was good for me,” Wallen concluded.